9th Organic Marketing Forum in Warsaw

Organic Marketing Forum – 9th  European East-West Organic Trade Exhibition
and Networking Conference
from 1st - 2nd June 2014 in Warsaw; retailers, manufacturers and farmers from 23 countries participating; new partner wanted

About 250 professional organic visitors from 23 countries came to the Polish capital to meet other representatives of the European organic markets and to make new business contacts. This year the focus was laid on new marketing strategies for the organic business and on effective ways to work with media. During the conference organic processors and traders as well as other experts explained success factors for producing and trading organic products. They also reported about organic markets in different countries like France, Bulgaria, Kazachstan, Ukraine and Russia as well as the Caucasus region. For many business visitors the workshops and the new speed networking sessions were especially interesting, because they could get to know many new business partners in a short time. Also the evening Get together with organic buffet in downtown Warsaw was an important part of the event.

The biggest group of foreign participants came from Germany, followed by Ukraine, Lithuania and Czech Republic. The products showed reached from raw materials like wheat, soybeans and herbs to food products like organic chocolate, wine, ice cream, muesli, fruits and vegetables. Also cosmetics, seeds and detergents were traded.

“The 9th Organic Marketing Forum is 2014 again an important meeting point for business people from East and West. Some participants have been visitors at the Forum since the beginning" said Bernhard Jansen, CEO of EkoConnect. “For the future we are looking for an organic organization or a fair company which likes to take over the Organic Marketing Forum. The 10th edition of the Forum could have a new set up and a new owner”, continued Bernhard Jansen.

Winner of the “Best of Organic Award” was the Polish company “Spółka Rolnicza Juchowo Sp. z o.o.” with its “Organic Raspberry Fruit Syrup”. The second and third position in this contest of the best product of the Organic Marketing Forum had the Polish company “Eko-Wital Sp.z o.o.” with its “100 % Organic Pomegranate Juice” and the German company “Ölmühle Moog GmbH” with its “Omega Orange”-Oil.

EkoConnect- International Centre for Organic Agriculture of Central and Eastern Europe is for 9 years now the main organiser of Organic Marketing Forum. The Forum is organised in cooperation with “BioFach”, the producers association “Polska Ekologia“, the organic farming association „Ekoland“, the Polish Advisory Centre CDR and the Organic Retailers Association (ORA). The forum stays under the patronage of the IFOAM EU Group and the Polish Ministry for Agriculture and Rural Development.