Highlights of Organic Marketing Forum 2014

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Presentation of products and services

The business-to-business (B2B) exhibition took place on June 1, 2014 in the exhibition hall of event venue. The exhibition was aimed at business people active operating in the field of organic products and commodities, especially organic producers, processors, traders, wholesalers and retailers as well as service providers for the organic sector. Exhibitors could put up their own stand, hire complete stands of different sizes or use a demonstration table for presenting products. A rich program took place on the stage of the exhibition hall, which turned the hall into an interactive networking and business platform.

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Learn, discuss, cooperate!

The Conference program included conference lectures of experienced experts or successful organic entrepreneurs with simultaneous translations to English, Polish and Russian as well as podium discussions and practical workshops in English and Polish.

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Speed Networking Sessions

Making new contacts with other organic businesses within short period of time

The aim of this session in general is to bring together business professionals from the organic sector according to their business profile and product range. During the networking process participants had an opportunity to present their profiles to many other session partners in format of multiple short face-to-face meetings. Participants were divided in groups according to products they are working with so that those who are interested to sell would meet those who are interested to buy and the other way around.

In February this year EkoConnect already organised in terms of BioFach 2014 Speed Networking Session. Here you will find more information.

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Lightning Presentations

Telling the world about own products, ideas and experiences

Each participant had an opportunity to introduce himself, his products, services, ideas, experience and to spark discussions among the audience in up to 4 minutes long presentations which were held on a stage in the exhibition hall.

Business Partner Matchmaking Service

Arranging of scheduled individual meetings with business partners tailored to your needs

Each participant of the Business Partner Matchmaking Service should provide the organizer with information about his profile, what products/services can be offered and what he is looking for, by making respective marks on the registration form. On the basis of this information the profile of participant was matched to the profiles of potential business partners. As a result each Business Partner Matchmaking Service participant received contact details of minimum 6 potential business partners matching their profile, not later than one week prior to the event. The OMF Team provided an opportunity to book time, place and translator for individual prescheduled meetings to be arranged by participants on their own.

“Best of Organic” Award with product presentation

Showing the competitiveness of products

The competition between the exhibitors for the best organic product was sharpened by an opportunity to up to 5-minute self-presentation given from the stage in the exhibition hall during a special “Best of Organic” session during exhibition. In addition, the award ceremony took place at the Get-Together in the evening.


Evening Get-Together

Networking and making of business connections

During this interactive evening reception which included dinner with organic buffet, the participants had the opportunity to make contacts in a non-formal relaxed atmosphere.  
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Practical Excursion

Getting of a practical insight in organic businesses in Poland

Excursions by a bus provided by organizers led to organic processors, retailers and traders in Warsaw. Here you may find detailed excursion plan.
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